What is a Bed & Breakfast? What are the differences between a Bed & Breakfast and other accommodations?

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To answer the question of what a bed and breakfast is, first it helps to specify what the B & B is NOT.

It is not a landlady, is not a farm, not a hostel for a budget, not a hotel that offers a bed with a breakfast, and not run by a company. It’s an accommodation that provides people the pleasure of hosting guests and offering their own home space to do so. Above all, it is a mutual exchange of knowledge and culture of the places between the guest and the hosts.

It’s a fantastic way to get to know an area better…why not stay with residents who live there, and become familiar with the area in a more personal way?

You could therefore summarize this kind of hospitality with this idea: this house is not a hotel with formal staff and regulations, but it is a B & B. More precisely, it is a small, family-operated hospitality business. It’s casual, family-style, and it takes place in a family’s own home when they have one, two or three rooms available to spare.

Families that open their homes to hospitality with service of bed and breakfast provide a relaxed accommodation for a gentle, quiet getaway.